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After a few months of deliberation I have decided to retire Hoodoo Guruvosity. Smothered by horrible Tripod-Lycos advertising and slipping deeper into the Google search result abyss, H.G. had seen better days.

It's been an eventful 10 years for fans of the Hoodoo Gurus - what, with the break-up, then the surprise emergence of the Persian Rugs followed by the reunion and 'Mach Schau' - phew! What a trip. The Gurus are still going strong, and recently inked a new distribution deal Stateside - great news for American fans.

For posterity I have cleaned up the site, finalized the polls, PDF'd the guestbook (7 years worth of entries!) and archived the site in its entirity for your viewing pleasure. Hoodoo Guruvosity in its final resting state can be downloaded here (~9Mb).

I am making all archived content (excluding copyrighted album imagery, lyrics, media content, and content credited to others) available under a Creative Commons license - free to be reposted and 'remixed' as long as credit is given where due. More details can be found below.

I wish you all the best, and thanks to all those Hoodoo Gurus fans from around the world who dropped by the site over the years and left their mark. Long live the Gurus!

Gareth Clarke (01.11.08)

Update: Come and contribute to the new Hoodoo Gurus Wiki here!


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